I know, I know…. ain’t nobody got time for that…
but… this is a really really important step of our self care, and once it becomes a habit, it will really only take you few minutes for your daily routine and a few extra on treatment days, but it is so worth it!
Listen… those minutes are an investment into your future and into the largest organ of the body, and you deserve to give yourself those minutes!
*morning and night
*breaks down and removes all traces of make-up and dirt
{when you don’t do this it causes pre-mature aging, clogged pores, dark circles under the eyes, extended toxin exposure and free radical damage}
*morning and night
*removes any left behind residue from the cleanser and any remaining dirt and makeup
*resets the skins ph, allowing it to properly accept moisture
{this is one of the most skipped steps in a basic skin care routine and surprisingly it is one of the most important. Without toning, the skin may not be able to maintain the moisture balance of the skin and can make the skin oily, dry or even throw of the whole skin ecosystem! Yes, your skin has its own ecosystem.}
*serums are concentrated nutrients
*they are typically the smallest molecules in a treatment regiment and are quickly absorbed into the skin and can’t be “washed” off
{best results occur when done in the morning and night but if you prefer to only do once a day make sure it is at night when the body is renewing}
*morning and night
*crucial for fine lines, wrinkles and expression lines
*ONLY use a product designed for the eyes in the eye area and apply here before facial moisturizer
{the skin around the eye is thinner than tissue paper so use very light pressure, the ring finger is the best applicator for this area, and only apply product to the orbital bone, it will gravitate in on its own}
*morning and night
*softens and hydrates the skin
*adds a protective barrier
*keeps the good in and the bad out
*important for ALL skin types including those who consider themselves sensitive
*sloughs off dead skin cells
*reveals brighter complexion
*allows better penetration of treatments and moisturizers
*delivers nourishment to the skin
*antioxidants and minerals
*deep cleanses and/or deep moisturizes
*addresses specific areas of concern
{masques should be applied to a cleansed and toned face}
If you want to get started right away and don’t want to worry about all the different products….then start with the ART Skin Care set. You’ll get the foaming cleanser, toner and light moisturizer that is good for all skin types.