Sunday 9/15

Essential Oils for College Students

This class will be simple and to the point, focusing on exactly how you, as a student, can give your body all the support it needs to feel less stressed, more focused, healthier, and happier as you hit the books and prepare to step into success so you can enjoy everything about being a student.

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Sunday 9/22

All things CBD

Before learning about CBD, I thought it was just for people who couldn’t sleep or felt a little too stressed out. BOY, was I wrong!

In this class, you will learn a ton about CBD. I will talk about the history of CBD, the science behind its effectiveness, and the benefits of using Nature’s Ultra CBD oil that is infused with Young Living essential oils.

Hurry up and grab your spot! And while you’re at it, invite a few friends. They need to see this!

Sunday 9/29

Essential Oils for Kids

Can you safely use Essential Oils with kids?
YES! It’s super easy with KidScents!

As parents, we naturally want what is best for our children. We don’t want to worry about calling poison control if our kids get into our “things.” But we also want it to WORK! Learn more about how you can use Kidscents products to keep your kiddos feeling great!