I’m happy to report that we are healthy and well at my house!

BUT I know so many are dealing with the flu and other crud 😷☠️Would you like to know some of our staples?

🌱Essential oils – we only use Young Living! {that’s important!}
we diffuse Thieves essential oil often in the winter
we also put Thieves vitality oil blend in an empty capsule and take internally if we feel some crud starting (or use Inner Defense capsules which are equally as awesome!)

Thieves & Raven come in the starter kit! Get your own kit of oils and it comes with a diffuser too!

💥AromaDome – this is a special tent with a special diffuser that doesn’t use water – so more like breathing in essential oils from a nebulizer! And it is the BOMB! It has helped kick stuff SO fast! Usually we are using it with Thieves, RC or Raven oil blends in it.

Colloidal silver – when things are going around, we use this daily …this is a life saver for stomach bugs! The fact that it’s tasteless – has made it easy to use – because people don’t even know they are taking something 😎 #momwin

Trace Minerals Research: Electrolyte Stamina Power Pak
{a healthier version of Emergen-C because there’s a teaspoon of sugar in each pack of emergen-C!} 1200mg of Vitamin C per pack – which is higher than the other brand. And I’m a fan of electrolytes…they do great things for balancing the body! Look at your local natural store or try Amazon.

Hope some of this is helpful!

What are your staples?